Maintenance Instructions

Please note that the observance of the prescribed maintenance intervals and the thorough maintenance must be strictly observed. The legal regulations stipulate that the device is subjected to periodic inspections every twelve months (from commissioning) in order to maintain its proper condition. The work must be carried out by our customer service or an approved specialist company.

We have extended the maintenance protocol / checklists of our devices. The maintenance and replacement intervals to be carried out are described in detail there. The tests and maintenance work carried out must be entered in the equipment, operating and maintenance manual (order no. 1010363-02). Maintenance work must be carried out by a JK service technician or by authorized  persons, trained and qualified by the JK in accordance with the checklist (item no.: 1019858-00). The properly performed maintenance work is entered and confirmed in the checklist.
If the device is ten years old according to the production date, the condition of the device must be assessed by a certified service technician of JK-International GmbH (JK-Global Service) for safety reasons. If the device continues to be used without this evaluation, any liability on the part of the manufacturer is excluded.
Maintenance and care are also decisive for whether the device meets the requirements. It is your responsibility to observe the prescribed maintenance intervals. If you have any questions on this topic, please send us an e-mail to . Our customer service will then contact you immediately.